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    NRA Gun Gear of the Week: NovX Ammunition

    Someone mentioned this in another thread so I looked it up. Impressive stuff. Breaks the liquid sound barrier. The cavities they show in the clay are impressive. Might try some of this stuff.
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    Since I'm too lazy to look it up, how fast does sound travel in liquid?

  3. Hoot G

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    Roughly; 4.3 times as fast as in air.
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    The article says the projectile spins at 120,000 RPM and ejects material around 3800 - 4,000 fps. Sounds brutal, but all the videos I see are them shooting into clay blocks, not calibrated gel blocks, so I wonder how well it really performs. Are clay blocks the new test medium to see wound damage channels?
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    Since the human body is made up a large per cent of water, it could end a gun fight fast. I have been reading the ads in my catalogs.I don,t doubt anything advertised. I am slow to jump at new inventions till I hear from someone who has tried it.
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