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Southwest Gun Club in McComb will be hosting an informal but fun Action Pistol match this weekend. It will have the Mover, the plates, the practical and possibly the barricade or another format for fun. If you happen to be in the area check it out. See here;

Southwest MS Gun Club


Introduction / Practice

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Registration at 8:30. Shooting begins at 9:00, ending around noon. Cost is $10.00 , Junior Shooters $5.00

We will be shooting Practical, Steel Plates and the Moving Target.

The shooter can shoot his/her choice of handguns such as Target Pistols, Carry Pistols, 22 LR, Revolvers, or other type handguns (no magnum ammo). The number of rounds fired is up to the shooter.

This will be an informal shoot to build interest in Action Pistol Matches. Use this event as practice or as an introduction to Action Pistol.

Eye and Ear protection to be worn, even by spectators.

You do not have to be a member of the gun club to shoot in this event. Bring your friends.

For more information contact Maurice Williams


[email protected]

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I'd love to come shoot with y'all but I'm teaching a range safety and usage course for Magnolia that day.

I don't have the NRA action set-up, but I'd like to come tune up with my USPSA Production rig, or my ICORE Limited rig because I know it would make me better in those games.

Can you post a schedule? I'm sure I could bring a few folks with me.

Thanks! :thumbup:
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