NRA F-class Rimfire and Smallbore Prone Saturday

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    This Saturday we will have rimfire f-class and small bore prone at Magnolia. First round down range is usually 8:30 am. On range 6. Come join the fun.

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    For Johnny Mc (whose computer is a little sick)

    Magnolia Smallbore May 2016 Report/Results

    If you missed this one, don't complain later this summer. The temperature was VERY nice this AM, and no sweat towels were necessary. Plus, the wind was calm and gentle to begin with, and this led to some very good scores fired. By shooters preference, the stages were fired in reverse order and the 100 yard match was fired first. After many years (too many to recall for this writer, 30+ years), Magnolia shooters enjoyed a 160 shot/1600 Smallbore prone match. It was a stretch and I'm not sure about the others, but I was whipped at the finish. It was good to have Odie Redmond and Tom Sutton back among the sling shooters ranks, both firing some good targets. High prone shooter on this endurance run today went to Johnny Mc with 1595-117x, followed by Richard McNeel with 1591-103x
    The F-class 22 shooters ripped off some fine scores on their end of the line today. In fact, I believe they were the highest we have seen to date. Charlie Smith shot his first match with us and took top honors with a fine 798-54X, followed by Master shooter James Grasshopper Wilson with a 795-45. Rounding out the F-Class shooters were Cliff McCoy and Glenn Dixon.
    Next match will be June 11 here in Byram with the same format. that we used today. Hope to see everybody come out and enjoy this relaxing and enjoyable form of rifle marksmanship.