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Oct fclass

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When is the oct match in bouge chitto? Wasn't it moved from the 4th sat?
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Our October match will be on Saturday the 30th. There will be a team match and Field Precision Rifle match run with the team match following the individual match. Medals will be awarded in all classes. Anyone interested please IM me and I will send more details and map.


So far we have 21 shooters signed up. Gonna be a good match.
28 shooters signed up. Finally got my truck loaded. See yall in the morning. Should be a good day.
I thank Mstrophyhunter, Mildot and Jimbo300 for their help in making it happen. And a special thanks to all the competitors for the gift of a Kimber 22 rifle for their appreciation. I will really enjoy it and think of all of you when ever I use it. We really have a good group of regulars that I personally enjoy the fellowship with each month.
crazyace85 said:
Saturday was my first match and I loved it. Definately found my new favorite thing to do. Can't wait for the next one.

Is anyone posting all the scores?
I neglected to get your e-mail address to put you on the mailing list, please IM it to me and I will e-mail you the results. I haven't found a good way to copy and paste to here from Excel without it coming in a jumbled up mess. Glad to have you at the match.
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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