Odd ball primer!!

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  1. Chris Boyd

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    Just picked up two 50ct boxes of Remington UMC 223 55gr FMJ from the local Wally World. I always open up my Ammo before I toss it in the plinking box, just to make sure I’m not shorted and that there isn’t anything untoward going on. In one box I noticed this “odd ball” primer and also that while most of the rounds have a brass colored primer, several have silver colored primers. The other box was not so. Every round in it is pretty uniform. This is the first time I’ve encountered a primer like this and also, my first time buying this brand ammunition. Should I toss this round? Report it to Remington? Shoot it as is?

    Thoughts and opinions appreciated.

    4460194D-33D5-45C3-AE1B-C533874C9A44.jpeg 331E50EB-FCC2-4CB9-9615-698F22E3D563.jpeg AD031971-CF57-4DC8-9E98-6D1512260714.jpeg
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  2. Vick

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    Quality control should certainly catch an upside down primer; a change on the line in components could result in a box of mixed colored primers, but it would certainly improve the buyer's image of the company if it was avoided, even if the primers were manufactured exactly alike and it didn't result in sketchy accuracy.
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  3. mascott

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    well, you sure can't shoot it.
  4. Chris Boyd

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    Hell, I’m leery enough about pulling the bullet. Wouldn’t dream of trying to fire it. I have know idea where to start trying to remove a backwards primer. Can’t just toss it in the trash but also don’t want it hanging around.
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  5. rigrat

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    Was just thinking the same thing.
  6. rigrat

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    Got a inertia puller pull the bullet , dump the powder, and soak the casing in water or toss the casing in the river.
  7. BasMstr

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    Pull the bullet, dump the powder, pop the upside down primer our, prime it, charge it, put a boolit on that bad boy!
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  8. Vick

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    Pull the bullet, pour out the powder, deprime, reprime, pour the powder back in, and seat the bullet. Won't cause a "bang" to deprime it if you don't take a running start at it with the depriming pin...I've done that more often than I like to admit.
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  9. 45flattop

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    ^^^THIS^^^ Been there done that more often than I care to admit, though I admit to serious misgivings when SLOWLY depriming them.
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  10. Chicknman

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    What would have happened if it had been missed and loaded in a mag? Would the firing pin have reached far enough to detonate it? Is it even possible to detonate a primer from the wrong side?
  11. shoeshooter

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    Awful lot of work for something that cost about .30. Kill the primer with some penetrating oil (or so I've heard) and chuck it.
  12. Soonered

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    Oil will kill the primer.
  13. rigrat

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    Hadn't thought of that.
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  14. Chicknman

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    Only problem would be if it made it to an incinerator somewhere. Oil soak it then pull the bullet and trash it.
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  15. Vick

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    Yes, oil will kill the old primer...probably a good precaution...but I doubt it would go off in most cases since the legs of the anvil are not supported by the bottom of the primer pocket; maybe I'll have to experiment one day and see if I can make one go off using a Lee decapping rod (I think I have one of those around here somewhere) and a hammer...that should do it if anything would.
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  16. Quickeye

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    As you can see, an inverted Boxer primer, struck by firing pin would hit air.
    Depriming might detonate it?!
    Just BTW FYI Boxer primers are British,(Edward Boxer) and Berdan, USA(Hiram Berdan of New York. Funny! :)
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  17. Quickeye

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    Also. Forgot to mention, if ammo is mil-spec and has red colored sealer around it, it is meant to be solvent/oil proof as well as waterproof, so oil won't "kill" it. :confused:o_O
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  18. Chicknman

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    Even in backwards? Are they sealed on the inside or just where the primer meets the primer pocket?
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  19. Quickeye

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    Quality control would probably dictate condemning the entire lot, but Remington UMC under their new corporate bosses, may have relaxed QA standards, or maybe the press operator had a hangover. Who knows. I don't reckon Rem UMC loads cases with primers one at a time, then paints sealer on them one at a time.
    If the lot was mil-spec I'd think that ammo would have very strict quality control, and obviously the OP's lot wouldn't have made contract specs.
    Anyhow just passing on some general information that might be of help.

    Even the pirate codes are not rules, more like guidelines. Even SAAMI specs are +or-.
    Recall campaigns for ammo are frequent, and issue by Lot #, though most civilian stores don't want to lose money by chuckin' the whole lot, and even though they're notified of recall, they just ignore it, and take their chances. If I was QA, 1 upside down primer out of 10,000 would not cause me to chuck the whole lot, if it was your job, would you?

    Ammo for the military is a whole different process, mainly because the case mouths have to be annealed and primers sealed in their pockets. The machine press and sprayer/painter probably makes hundreds of rounds at a time. So, yes, even seated upside down, it would most likely get painted or sprayed. Hope this helps.
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  20. stewbaby

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    Just another berdan/boxer guide.

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