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Odd question

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I don't know whom else here has run into this but everytime I put a firearm into pawn or buy another new weapon, I have a three day waiting period. While I understand, my social is from out of State, I've lived in MS for over sixteen years. What's the thing with that? Does anybody else run into this or is this just a "me" deal. A tip, I'm from South Dakota and I'm former military if it makes a difference.

Can someone explain this one?

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Yes. I have lived in Mississippi all my life and never, ever had anything that would trigger any question about my legal ability to purchase a gun. I am, and always have been squeaky clean.

And yet every time I would buy a gun from a dealer, they would get a "hold" on my clearance.

Invariably, they would get a call back that I was clear, but if I was at a gun show such a delay essentially killed the deal.

I kept trying to find out what the issue was. Word was that a bad guy with a Social Security Number or name similar to mine could do that.

I never did it, but under the Code of Federal Regulations that set up the instant background checks, there is a procedure to find out: You must commit to buying a gun. Get the FFL dealer who makes the phone call give you the transaction number he gets over the phone (makes no difference whether you get approved or not).

Then you must write the FBI (as I recall---the proper name and address are in the regulations) with that transaction number and ask what the deal is.

Supposedly you will eventually find out why you are getting the delay.

But, see, that won't change anything. You'll still get the delay---but you'll know why.

I got tired of all the delays and just got a CCW permit. There is no phone call; no background check. You fill out the purchase form and give them money and show your CCW permit and walk away with the gun of your choice.

ETA: I also figured that writing them would get me put on some "other" lists and simply add to my delays.
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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