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Odd question

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I don't know whom else here has run into this but everytime I put a firearm into pawn or buy another new weapon, I have a three day waiting period. While I understand, my social is from out of State, I've lived in MS for over sixteen years. What's the thing with that? Does anybody else run into this or is this just a "me" deal. A tip, I'm from South Dakota and I'm former military if it makes a difference.

Can someone explain this one?

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Thanks for the replies, fellas. I've never been turned down for a firearm, just put on a 72 hold. Never made any sense to me why MS would make me wait three days, then turn my toys over to me. This never happened when I lived in Memphis or in IL, just here. Heck, with the number of rifles and handguns I've bought since I came here, I figure the State oughta have a file on me thick as a phone book by now.
Well, DeSoto, guess I can't complain too much then. Outside of a couple altercations resulting in "Office Hours" discipline in the Corps, my civilian record is as clean as it can be. Maybe it's just a thing with some of us. Ah well, you other fellas have got me started on the track to get all this cleared up, so it shouldn't be too long before I'm GTG here.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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