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Odd question

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I don't know whom else here has run into this but everytime I put a firearm into pawn or buy another new weapon, I have a three day waiting period. While I understand, my social is from out of State, I've lived in MS for over sixteen years. What's the thing with that? Does anybody else run into this or is this just a "me" deal. A tip, I'm from South Dakota and I'm former military if it makes a difference.

Can someone explain this one?

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Never had a wait. You got a MS carry permit? Never known anyone who had to wait. What kind of laws SD have for buying? That could be the bottleneck, they want to do their own background. You owe anybody money up there? JK but think about any questions that may impact SD's response although I can't see why they'd even be questioned since they check federal criminal history which would of course be from every state you ever lived in. Call the ATF and let them run one (if they would).
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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