OFP Match Worx Shooting Facility Grand Opening

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    OFP Match Worx's new shooting facility will host their Grand Opening in early November. It's open to the public on that day (exact date TBA closer to the opening date). Feel free to come by and see the facility, the amenities and shoot on any of the 5 fields (pistol, 100, 300, 600 & 1000 yard fields). Membership applications will also be available for interested people to sign up.

    The facility is located at 895 Greenwood Chapel Road, Carthage, MS.
    For more information on the range, please visit the website: www.ofprange.com
  2. Shine68

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    a little pricey....... esp. for the 1000 yd range

  3. captain-03

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    Byram, MS
    Did this happen?? Did they open??
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  5. Dr. Benway

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    I hope he falls right on his big fat lying stolen valor ass. Keep changing your company name. You aren't fooling anyone.
  6. Scharfschütze

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    Is this the guy who started out as Salt Dog or some such?
  7. captain-03

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    Byram, MS

  8. Dr. Benway

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    Yes. Plus he changed the Salt Dog LLC to Precision Rifle Ordnance. I guess he's trying to hide from his past transgressions. Still no apology for all the ass whipping threats which he justified by his false claim of being an PTSD afflicted multi tour combat veteran and scout sniper during the 6 months of service before getting getting discharged for vaginitus. And of course no apology for the stolen valor.
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    Ahhhhh, the good Dr has the memory of an elephant
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    As he should in this case
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    I'm not a CIA photo analyst, nor have I played one on TV, but I see nothing resembling a range on Google satellite view. I would think even an old photo would show signs of earthmoving activity. No interest in visiting, just curious.
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    This 300 yd qualification BS is just such ... BS. Wanna do that with mechanical sights? OK. Telescopes, well if your rifle is zeroed from a rest that is no problem. The arrogant
    "In order to qualify for those ranges, shooters must keep 5 shots inside of a 3" diameter circle from the 300-yard firing line. Cutting the line doesn't count so bring your A-game." says a lot for those of us here who have fired XTC HP NRA matches. Really? Let's do this, I'll use my RR NM AR, mechanical sights, you do the same with whatever mechanical sights you wish. Arschloch.
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  13. Scharfschütze

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    And IIRC wasn't there a complaint from local church adjacent to his range? Or was that another?
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    Google Maps does not update very often over rural areas.

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    Took my shoot house out in the boonies three years to show up on google maps.:lol6:
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    That is correct
  17. Scharfschütze

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    Yup, thought so. That 300 yard qualification thing just reeks of arrogance...let's see him do it with mechanical sights. Are you trying to start a business by insulting the vast majority of your potential clientele before they even join? I'll be glad to go out there & show you how to shoot 1 MOA at 300 with mechanical sights but damn do we want to encourage or discourage potential riflemen? "Bring your A-game" what arrogance.