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OK, so I got a mousegun, but it is based on J.M.B.'s famous design......

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SIG P238, stainless wth SIGLite sights.... hope to shoot tomorrow... basically a baby 1911...

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Also, this one is in the serial # range AFTER the safety lever issue SIG had with earlier models....
Just came in from shooting the first box... shot 50 rounds Fiochi, and 12 rounds (2 mags) of PD rounds (Speer Gold Dot)..... the time change prevented any more shooting...the last mag was in very dim light to check out the sights and muzzle flash with the PD rounds -muzzle flash is minimal - I never lost sight of the targets at 10 yds, and the nite sights give a great sight pic....
The gun performed perfectly, as expected... very easy to draw from my small hip holster or IWB holster...very natural, nice sized dots on the sights, very steady, trigger feels much lighter than stated, and breaks very cleanly - every shot was a surprise....really just like shooting a minature 1911... Only issue I feel at first is the thumb searching for the safety - since it is so much smaller... after many more draw-fire-holster-repeat drills, I'm sure my thumb will learn.

Since I was fighting the setting sun, I didn't set up paper, just went straight to my steel - very easy to shoot the 4" plates from 10 to 15 yards...20 yds is a little tough...but I believe with ample practice with such a small platform, and I'll be accurate at any range. Very happy with the SIG! :2tup:
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