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ol buttin head

Discussion in 'Press Talk' started by prohunter3509, May 2, 2016.

  1. prohunter3509

    prohunter3509 Too get there first with the most

    I saw on some kind of awards show yall fearless leader made some racial jokes
    I wonder why know one is saying anything about that.i.have not seen it mentioned anywhere. He is a disgrace

    94LEVERFAN Distinguished Poster

    That sob ain't my
    That sob ain't my leader, fearless or otherwise.

  3. deadhead

    deadhead Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    I'll be so happy and proud when we get decent people back in the White House.
  4. Sum Gy Custom Firearms

    Sum Gy Custom Firearms Distinguished Poster

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ Decent people in the white house??????????--------------------- You gots to be kidding!!!!!!!
  5. sand_man

    sand_man Grouchy Old Fart MSGO Supporter

    I bet some of the people who work behind the scenes are real nice people.