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  1. rigrat

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    Anybody got one of these model 422's? The slides are swapped as the adjustable sight on the 4" slide is missing, so I swap the 6" slide with fixed sights back and forth to the one I want to shoot. Need to chase a rear sight down or just go ahead and have it dovetailed for a sight. Really want hurt it any, as in my infinite wisdom (stupidity) I DT'd the front of the handgun for a scope mount. The 6" is unmolested though. These take the same magazine as the S&W m41. The unique thing about them is the barrel is actually on the bottom and the barrel lug is on top of the barrel. They are also SA with thumb safety.

    IMG_3951 (Small).JPG
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    Are those all steel? I know nothing about those.

  3. rigrat

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    No I think they are aluminum maybe?

    Edit : internet says alloy frame.

    I always wanted the short sub-compact 2214.

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    Stout pistols. Have a 422 and a 622, and my favorite a 6" 2206 (poor mans 41 wannabe). Take down is a bit of a PITA.
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    I always used a empty 22 case and take down wasn't so bad. But I haven't done that in a few years much less shoot them. Stepped out side tonight and was able to put 9 out of 10 on one of phillip's 10" gong from about 15-20 yards. :)
    Been trying to find a rear adjustable sight and that looks like its going to be like finding a holy grail. Think a j-frame adjustable could be made to work fairly easy though and they are only about $60 .
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