Oliver North to Become Next NRA President

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  1. https://home.nra.org/lt-colonel-oliver-north-poised-to-become-nra-president/

    (DALLAS, TX) – Lt. Colonel Oliver North, USMC (Ret.) will become President of the National Rifle Association of America within a few weeks, a process the NRA Board of Directors initiated this morning.

    “This is the most exciting news for our members since Charlton Heston became President of our Association,” said NRA Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre. “Oliver North is a legendary warrior for American freedom, a gifted communicator and skilled leader. In these times, I can think of no one better suited to serve as our President.”

    North said he was eager to take on this new role as soon as his business affairs were put in order. North is retiring from Fox News, effective immediately. “I am honored to have been selected by the NRA Board to soon serve as this great organization’s President,” North said. “I appreciate the board initiating a process that affords me a few weeks to set my affairs in order, and I am eager to hit the ground running as the new NRA President.”
    LaPierre congratulated the NRA Board for its action. “The board acted quickly and with great vision,” LaPierre said. “Oliver North is, hands down, the absolute best choice to lead our NRA Board, to fully engage with our members, and to unflinchingly stand and fight for the great freedoms he has defended his entire life.”

    “Oliver North is a true hero and warrior for freedom,” LaPierre said, “and NRA members are proud to stand with him.”
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    I met “Uncle Ollie” once in San Antonio. One of his nephews was one of the people I used to shoot with quite a bit in the 90s. (That same nephew also referred to Jeff Cooper as Uncle Jeffie when we were out at Gunsite, I believe kin thru Ms Janelle)

    Ollie seemed to have a good head on his shoulders and looked at everything through a common sense approach, or at least did back them.
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  3. I like his War Stories with Oliver North show on Fox News Channel ...
    War Stories | Fox News Channel

    Saw him once doing a segment for his show at Camp Eggers, (Kabul) Afghanistan back in 2010 or 2011, I think.
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    Works for me! I've always liked Ollie! :):)
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    Ollie Ollie OxenNRA
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    i only know him for iran contra when I was a kid? did he get convicted of anything? was he just a fall guy?

    kind of weird if he was dealing with gun running. the vegas shooter was supposedly used in that time/theatre to run guns. he gets gone in a very public way related to guns..now Ollie gets a job/appointment for an organization funded by companies who sell guns, and gun owners (probably a lot less).
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    He was diverting money to the Anti-Sandinista group in Nicaragua. Israel was supposed to ship the weapons to the Iranian revolutionaries and get paid, then Israel reimburses the U.S. Ollie diverted some of those funds.
    The whole plan was an end run around a prohibition established by Congress. (Not to supply weapons directly to the Iranians.)
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    He was convicted, then all convictions vacated and charges dropped in 1991.
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    Close your eyes, what do you see. They never convicted him of anything. They checked Ollie every way investigators could. Ollie was one of the first who told us that we needed to take care of Bin-Laden long before 911 . Ollie is well loved and well liked. We have had to deal with some bad people at times that later became our enemy. I am going to renew my membership because of Ollie taking this new job as president I dont remember any convictions, he has flown over in war zones doing stories on Fox for years.
    If Ollie was punished. it would have mean,t that he was taking a fall for the most popular Republican President since Eisenhower. Pres Reagan.
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    if bin-ladin wasn't just a made up boogie man......then good job :) I haven't been a nra member since I was a jr member when I was 12 or so, and probably never again. I just think it's weird how all these random things keep happening. next OJ will be put in charge of police squad......
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    Since he is somewhat of a celebrity, predict the Libs to try bringing him down any way they can. He needs to make a running start and tell it like it is...Charlton Heston style...No compromise or negotiating.
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    Man, what an outstanding choice!
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    Semper Fidelis Lt. Colonel! Go get 'em you Teufelhund!
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    Great man for the job. I sure like the Colonel !!!
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    Can the board fire La Pierre?
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    Works for me. What else can we do today to piss off a liberal? Cause I'm game.
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    Yes I remember when he told that committee that bin laden scared the &$## out of him. Way before anyone knew who he was.