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One issue with a S&W 617

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I have lusted for one of these for a while, and finally got one. It shoots good, but it has one problem unfired rounds are backing out and binding cylinder rotation. Anyone else had this problem. One thing I really like about it is it will shoot that 60gr. Aguila sub sonic load without keyholing. I want to use this for quiet pest elimination.
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NRA_guy said:
I have never heard of that happening (but I don't own a S&W 617).

Are the unfired rounds loosy-goosy in the cylinder?

They should be ever so slightly snug.

I read somewhere that the holes in the cylinder on a S&W 617 are especially tight and must be cleaned regularly in order to get the empties out easily. Makes me wonder if maybe somebody "worked" on yours.
They are snug. Not overly loose, or tight I don't know. I have had some misfires but I can adjust the spring for that.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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