Open carry in church.

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    Ok. I am a pastor and have had a guy show up for worship with his glock hanging for all the world to see Here is my question.
    I know “if” he has a IC with his permit he can CC on church property but does that give him a legal right to open carry ?

    Thanks for the input.
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    I am not a lawyer, but have been involved in Church Security for about 6 yrs. Here is how our Church in LA handled it. The law already states who can legally carry concealed in Churches, which in LA requires annual training, a valid permit and the Church administration's permission.
    Open carry is not addressed in the law, so our Church, which doesn't want open carry, passed a motion that open carry is not allowed on our property, except by law enforcement or Church Security team members while carrying out their duties. The thought is that a Church is not public property, so those who own or manage the Church can permit or prohibit open carry (just like any private business can) The Church membership, at a business meeting, voted against open carry, so it's not allowed.

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    but wouldn't a member in good standing of the church also be considered, legally, as an "owner" at least as far as the CCW laws are concerned. I think it's treating like a business shareholder. But then, I could be wrong.
    If not, then who is considered "the owner"
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    In Ms. must possess a Enhanced Permit, a recognized part of security team/church leadership. This is a quick broad view of legality.
    There are some Threads in forum addressing Church carry . Research these.
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    To legally carry in church must have IC sticker. If not on team and in the minutes/books, you will not be covered civilly if you shot somebody. If you are on the team and in the minutes you are covered civilly. I'm not sure about the open part. I would say that it would be about like a business as stated above. If somebody buys a pair of jeans in a store that's posted, and the manager sees your gun and asks you to leave then you can't say hey I just spent my money here so no, I'd say you would have to leave. Think it the same as if a member puts money in the offering plate, if an actual paid employee of the church tells you what to do you would have to comply. Would think the pastor to be equivalent to the boss/manager. But I'm no lawyer. I do like to argue though. Just :2cents:
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    As part of team, carry options are through that church team.
    There are some churches that have hired security, that Open Carry, or so I see in some reports.
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    As the law states if your church has an organized security team then the members that carry must have the "IC" permit. It's kind of up to the church body if it's open or concealed.
    Even though we have a couple of members of the Security Team that express the desire to open carry we voted on concealed.
    We went concealed basically out of respect for church members that may not be totally comfortable with open carry for what ever reason. Even though pretty much everyone knows we are armed.

    If you have any members that have a problem with this person or anybody else open carrying I would suggest you speak to this person in private and ask him to cover up during service and explain why. I think any "reasonable" person would understandand and cover up.
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    Not trying to insult anyone, or create an argument; but aren't Churches often referred to as the House of God? So I wonder what His opinion is on this subject. Has anyone asked Him? :)
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    The legalities have been covered already. So, I think I’ll focus on how I might approach such an issue.

    I think OC, in church is bad form, and OC to be tactically unsound in most situations. Of course, if I were in a position to confront a church member about it, I’d invite them to lunch and politely explain my thoughts, before I’d take further action. I’d also consider blaming problems with OC on the old ladies. Otherwise you’d risk offending what is likely a good man trying to do the right thing as he sees it.
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    Which is why the law, in LA, states that the administrator must approve carry and why our Church, after a majority vote in an open business meeting, prohibited open carry.
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    Why OC anyway? Concealed means CONCEALED.
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    Have a open Meet this evening at Caswell Spring UMC with District Attorney & Sheriff's Office . Couple of us attending . Not that we have to, but further gain info on What Legal side thinks about this in our area.
    Start @ 6 pm.
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    It was a interesting security meeting. DA discussed security issues he's focused on for churches & gangs are his greatest up coming fear. He addressed sexual assults - regarding kids, suggestions on vetting new member or those that would interact with kids, suggested all staff security go thru Firearms classes, at least for background cks.
    Neither He or sheriff recommended Open Carry for all of your security team,preferably concealed.
    He came across as very Pro security teams, if those involved were capable of handling.
    Sheriff dicussing lot of same, discussed getting training on team training, having a protocols, etc.
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