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Opinions on a possible trade?

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I have been looking to swap my wifes Tauras PT111 for a .38. Got and offer today, guy has two he has to offer.

One is a Colt Police Positive with 4 inch barrel, the other is a Rossi with 2 inch barrel. Not sure I really like the looks of the Colt. I know what the Rossi is worth, about the same as the PT111. Anyway, just throwing it out there...any opinions? Trade for one? No trade?
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msredneck said:
Unless your wife is a fairly experienced shooter...I don't think a snub nose 38 is all that appropriate either...sharp recoil...hard to hit with
Agreed. One of the things we did at the gunshow this weekend was to look at possible guns for my wife.

She really, really loved the feel of the new S&W Bodyguard (semi-polymer snubbie, with integrated laser)...it fit her hand perfectly. But even regular pressure .38 loads in that light of a revolver will be unpleasant for her, I think.

Her 2nd choice, and the one I'm going to pursue, is a Ruger SP101 in the new .327 Fed load. It's small with a small, comfy grip that fits her hand, just heavy enough to take the edge off the recoil but not so heavy that it's hard for her to aim, and can shoot .32 H&R magnum's while she works her way up to the full recoil .327 Fed loads.

The only things I don't like are (1) future availability and cost of .327 Fed and .32 H&R magnum...I'd rather not invest in a gun with questionable ammo availability. Anyone seen boxes of .45 GAP at Wal-Mart recently?, and (2) the DA pull might be heavier than is comfortable for her. She has a hard time with the DA pull on my S&W 38-2 Airweight, and I'd have to guess the Ruger DA pull will be comparably heavy.
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Really? That's disappointing...based on the bullet weights and speed, I was thinking it'd be fairly mild like a 9mm.

I guess I'll do some research on .32 H&R to see how hot it can go. If it could replicate .380 performance, I'd be okay with that.

686 is out of the question...had my wife hold a few K-frames and she wasn't comfortable with the grip and trigger reach.

msredneck said:
I have a SP101 in 327 Federal...That's a hot load...even in that relatively heavy gun...I had the same thoughts of getting my wife to try it...but after seeing the muzzle blast..its a no go

course you can always shoot 32 H&R mag, 32 s&w's or 32 s&w short but what's the use.
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