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Opinions on a possible trade?

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I have been looking to swap my wifes Tauras PT111 for a .38. Got and offer today, guy has two he has to offer.

One is a Colt Police Positive with 4 inch barrel, the other is a Rossi with 2 inch barrel. Not sure I really like the looks of the Colt. I know what the Rossi is worth, about the same as the PT111. Anyway, just throwing it out there...any opinions? Trade for one? No trade?
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I'm not sure I wouldn't sell the Taurus and buy a revolver. You might come out better, over all. I think Academy carries a Rossi .38 for around $230 and I believe I've seen it on sale recently for $200. That'd give her a new gun and I'd think your Taurus would bring a little more than that.
Shame they don't take trades at Academy like they do at Gander Mountain. Your asking price on the Taurus sounds more than resonable. Folks around here are always looking for truck guns. Probably wouldn't last long, if advertised here.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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