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Opinions on a possible trade?

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I have been looking to swap my wifes Tauras PT111 for a .38. Got and offer today, guy has two he has to offer.

One is a Colt Police Positive with 4 inch barrel, the other is a Rossi with 2 inch barrel. Not sure I really like the looks of the Colt. I know what the Rossi is worth, about the same as the PT111. Anyway, just throwing it out there...any opinions? Trade for one? No trade?
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I'd sell the Taurus then get what you want...Rossi would not be on my hit list...nor the colt u mentioned.

Unless your wife is a fairly experienced shooter...I don't think a snub nose 38 is all that appropriate either...sharp recoil...hard to hit with

Good concealed carry and for "real close" shooting however...you aint really said what its purpose was gonna be
I have a SP101 in 327 Federal...That's a hot load...even in that relatively heavy gun...I had the same thoughts of getting my wife to try it...but after seeing the muzzle blast..its a no go

course you can always shoot 32 H&R mag, 32 s&w's or 32 s&w short but what's the use

For a car gun for the wife...so far we've kinda settled on a 4 inch S&W 686 357 Mag shooting 38's...its very manageable
That 111 has to be pretty snappy...Think his concern is the wife's ability to manipulate it.

Sometimes the ladies get this "thing" in their head that they aint strong enough to rack or otherwise manipulate a semi...its just not true....its just something they gotta overcome...

Mine however, did not want to "overcome", ( I had her on my Glock 17) so a nice mid-sized revolver ended up being the ticket
U looked at a S&W 640...One of my favorites...that I regrettably don't have yet)

357 Mag in a small package...has decent grips...38's in that baby might be fairly manageable

smaller than a 686

327 Federal ammo is hot

32 H&R mag, 32 s&w, 32 s&w short are not as hot...U can shoot all 4 calibers in a gun chambered for 327 Federal

sp101 is pretty nice - all Rugers need a trigger job...badly
I generally do not ever recommend a small J-frame revolver to a woman....and I might presume fairly inexperienced shooter and expect them to be able to do much with it past 5 yards.

They sting one's hand pretty well. They are not pleasant to shoot and thus they don't get practiced with often enough..

The 640 gives you a little more beef and the grips are better than your typical S&W snub...so with 38's its not as bad

I think a medium sized quality revolver (read s&w here) is the way to go, unless she's gonna make the commitment to train some on a semi and do regular practice.

Its a car gun not a carry gun...a little heft is your friend as far as I'm concerned if they are newbie shooters

My 2 cents...

pm Cliff Cargil and see what He recommends...he's a certified NRA instructor
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