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Opinions on a possible trade?

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I have been looking to swap my wifes Tauras PT111 for a .38. Got and offer today, guy has two he has to offer.

One is a Colt Police Positive with 4 inch barrel, the other is a Rossi with 2 inch barrel. Not sure I really like the looks of the Colt. I know what the Rossi is worth, about the same as the PT111. Anyway, just throwing it out there...any opinions? Trade for one? No trade?
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Yea, plus I just found out its the old model, small grip..wood grip. Not like the ones they are selling right now with the large rubber grips. Not that I couldnt change the grips but its not full size.
I have seen where they are averaging $250 on gunbroker. I paid $239 used for this one. It does have some wear on the slide and needs rebluing. Last week I bought some G96 Bluing cream and was going to reblue it and give it a thorough going over and cleaning, then try to sell it for around $220. I posted some pics a while back, here is another one, you can see where it needs to be reblued. It is a good shooter.

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Already did, no luck. Actually one possible but never got back with me.
The purpose is for carrying in the car. I would still have her use the Tauras but I am concerned that if she were to have to use it and there was a malfunction she wouldnt be able to clear it. I figured with a revolver she probably wouldnt have that problem. But your right, I am not gong for either of those guns offered.
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