Opinions on becoming an NRA Certified Instructor?

Discussion in 'Training' started by TwangBanger, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. TwangBanger

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    There's a two-day class being offered at Coast Rifle & Pistol Club in Gulfport next month for NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.

    Money's been kind of tight at my house since I've been working part-time, and I'm considering taking the course.

    When I took MY enhanced class, there were 10 students, and the cost was $75 each . . . so our instructor made $750 in that one day.

    My concern is this:
    The course itself costs $450. Plus, I'll have to spend another $40 on top of that, to renew my NRA membership. I've been considering NOT renewing my membership, since they dropped their britches and bent over for the anti-gun crowd concerning bump stocks. PLUS, after completing the course, I'd have to schedule an appointment at DPS in Jackson to interview with the chief of the Firearms Permit Division before I'd be able to teach the Enhanced CCW course (another $40 in gas)

    All told, I'm looking at +/- $550 to be certified to teach the Enhanced CCW class.

    Does it seem worth it?
    Do you think there are enough people who have NOT already taken the Enhanced class, but WANT to?

    Opinions yea or nay? Suggestion? Thanks
  2. fordpkup

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    That's a hard call. Since the new laws, a lot of people are not getting the permit or the enhanced.
    Our son is a first time gun owner at 33 years old. He's shot my 22/45 a lot. He was never really interested in guns. I've talked him into taking the enhanced class.
    He's left handed and bought a Taurus 709 at Academy in Tupelo. It's hard to show him anything.

  3. patchz

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    I would check your area to see if there are any already there.
  4. mascott

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    I personally don't believe it would be a get rich quick, or even get return on money quick option. Remember that instructor has to pay for the facility he uses to have his courses.
  5. Mesquite

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    As an endeviour to make spare $, I would guess not. As a side to shooting to help with ammo, maybe so. Seems the call for Enhanced Trainer has really fallen off.
  6. Dr. Benway

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    You don't have to be an NRA member to be a certified instructor. Is it worth it, it depends. The real benefit is if you just want to teach classes to make money and don't care about quality or content you can teach basic pistol for the enhanced carry permit. The only other benefit is you will qualify for super cheap liability insurance regardless of what you program you are teaching. The later is the only reason I'm a certified instructor.

    The NRA instructor certificate proves you can brief their instruction and you can shoot within the standards of mediocrity. So for pistol you'll prove you can hit an 8" plate at 10 yards.

    So in summary, teach enhanced pistol and laugh to the bank. Cheap insurance if you want to teach people how to actually shoot.
  7. Scharfschütze

    Scharfschütze Waffennarr

    I agree with Dr. B. I got the certification to teach classes at our club, SW Gun Club in McComb; have not had very much use for the certification for private classes. If you look at the list of DPS "certified" instructors there are a LOT. Some instructors are also going the USCCA route of certification, not NRA, as NRA did some things with online requirements that were not convenient for potential students. I believe they've dialed that back and have reinstated the traditional print materials / classroom certifications. Also, the legislation now has reduced the demand for classes to the point where the last 3 classes offered by SWGC had to be cancelled due to lack of interest - and this is surprising, as we only charge the cost of actual materials, $65. AFAIK that is the lowest cost in the state. One of the assistant principals at my school just took a class and paid > $100, was surprised that SWGC had classes for less - even though I had posted flyers about the class. Wouldn't have mattered, less than 10 people signed up so the class was cancelled anyway...
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  8. Swoops1

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    Looks like you've done your homework on the fees. It's not a money maker. If you want to do it as a hobby and have a genuine interest in making sure you have people hitting the streets that are competent then the gig is for you.
    This going to be LONG.
    My 1st rule of thumb and I let this be known right up front. I'm not there to teach you to shoot! They must know how to shoot and be familiar with the firearm they plan on using.
    2. I teach what is required by the state when it comes to the law, I break it down into easy to understand terms. My big thing is when/when not to use deadly force. If you really want to know the law the best thing is get a copy and study it.
    3. The meat of my course is:
    a. Situational Awareness
    b. Conflict Avoidance
    c. Conflict De-escalation
    4. Minimum is 5 per class, I personally like class participation.
    5. My personal preference is a maximum of 5 people on the firing line per RSO.
    6. Since it is a hobby I don't advertise it's all pretty much word of mouth.
    7. If they arrange everything lining up the people, class room, safe place to shoot, etc.(I supply targets,Certificates, I have portable target stands if needed) I do it at a reduced cost.
    Hope I don't make Scharfschutze mad but, for my church members I do it on a love offering basis other churches and some civic groups I do it at a reduced rate.
    So I guess the answer is: It's not a big money maker and if you decide to, take the RSO also even though about the 1st 25% is all repetitive
  9. Scharfschütze

    Scharfschütze Waffennarr

    Nah man, everyone can do what they want; we just teach the NRA Basic Pistol course as it is approved by the state for the IC "Instructed Carry", as are others. Which course do you teach? I know the state recognizes other sanctioned courses besides those offered by the NRA. Our fee is a break-even fee of $65 as this is what the packets cost our club. Like I said, I have coworkers who tell me they paid $100 - $200 for courses from certified instructors in Lincoln County who hold "classes" on their own property.
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  10. Swoops1

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    My firearms portion is from NRA Basic (I'm certified). When I went and did my interview with DPS it was pretty vague other than how long it had to be, the law portion and fire arms proficiency. Me personally when you apply for the Enhanced Carry (IC) you should already be proficient and demonstrate that. I'm not there to teach you to shoot. If you want me to teach you to shoot that's a seperate class. DPS signed off on what I do so it's all good.
  11. Scharfschütze

    Scharfschütze Waffennarr

    The NRA Basic Pistol is not designed for those who are already proficient with a handgun;
    NRA "Basic Pistol" is designed to teach a person to shoot. The 19 course objectives state this. "Enhanced Carry" is a misnomer as the "IC" stands for "Instructor Certified", i.e. you have taken an approved firearms course as opposed to those who simply applied for and received a State-issued Firearms Permit. The first 3 lessons (Objectives 1-13) assume that the student has not familiar with nor has fired a handgun. Of course most have, and a lot of what we do is try to "undo" bad habits...
    Objectives 1-9 do not involve shooting at all, but rather concern principal parts of a handgun, safety, and fundamentals of shooting; only in Lesson 3, according to Objectives 10-13, is the student required to "Safely demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to assume the benchrest shooting position with a pistol"; "Safely shoot a pistol from the benchrest position..."; "Safely demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to assum a two-handed standing shooting position with a pistol"; and "Safely shoot a pistol from a two-handed standing shooting position..."
    Basic Pistol is for persons who are assumed to neither be familiar with a handgun and its parts, nor with ammunition and components, nor with proper shooting position.
    The $65 fee allows our students to go home with the complete printed NRA textbook. I realize DPS will grant pretty much anyone with a certification (I'm NRA RSO & Basic Pistol certified) an instructor designation but Basic Pistol is just what the textbook says, a basic handgun course in which the parts of a pistol are taught, components of a cartridge are taught, shooting positions and sight picture are taught. We follow the textbook & show the powerpoint that NRA sold us as part of the classroom instruction. Our RSO / student ratio has consistently been 1 RSO -2 students, often less (i.e. more than 1 RSO for 2 students) because the club offered the RSO class at cost for members several years ago. This has been a good and safe policy as we have had some students who were frankly a danger to themselves and others. Thankfully we have had no incidents but without that much supervision things could have gone badly.
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  12. Swoops1

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    Wasn't trying to start an argument, you just look at it a little different than I do. According to DPS who approved my curriculum and certified me to instruct the class and issue the certificate is:
    1. The class "MUST" be 8 hrs long.
    2. "MUST" include at a minimum 1 hr. in the firearms laws of Mississippi.
    3. The student "MUST" prove proficiency with a firearm.
    He also informed me of the records I must keep, how long I need to keep them and what must be mailed to DPS Gun Permit Unit.
    The IC Actually stands for Instructor Certified. The Instructor has to be Cerified through a nationally recognized organization.

    Having said all of that I as the certified pistol instructor choose not to teach people HOW to shoot in my Enhanced class. I am not there to teach you to shoot, I am there to cerify that you are proficient with a firearm. I go over range/firearm safety just before the shooting portion.

    To answer the original question I don't think there is much money to be made teaching classes. I've seen them from $45 to $125. You have to pay for your certification classes, targets, target stands, any handouts you may have, certificates, venue for class room portion you may have a range fee....
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  13. Dr. Benway

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    How does MHP define proficiency?
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  14. 94LEVERFAN

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    Broad side of a barn? I can do that Doc. Good morning BTW.
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  15. Scharfschütze

    Scharfschütze Waffennarr

    All fine & good, and you meet the DPS criteria. It's just not the NRA Basic Pistol curriculum, it what I was trying to point out.
  16. flyinrev

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    I found a course on the NRA Instructor website in Montgomery for $250, so I did that one. Very good Instructor from Tennessee. The prices for these courses vary greatly, so shop around for the better prices. You’re probably going to have to stay at a hotel anyway, unless you can find a course near you.
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  17. onlymaroonmatters

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    You ever do any sort of class? I'm wanting to take a USCCA certification course in order to officially give classes. Have quite a few folks wanting to take a course from me. Not really wanting to make any money from classes, I just want the folks around me to know more of what to do and best way to do it. I have seen some troubling class videos online. I also have an idea for a training/shooting program that I think would be a hit as there is nothing like it close by and having a firearms certification would be needed on my part. If anyone knows of another class somewhat close by let me know. Or if we could get enough interest to host one Count me in.
  18. TwangBanger

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    I never took the course, @onlymaroonmatters . Just couldn't justify the expense, versus the dwindling demand for IC certification.

    I did notice that the same course the guy was offering at Coast Rifle & Pistol Club for $450, was being offered in Baton Rouge, LA, by a different instructor for only $250. I would probably do it for $250.

    Another reason I didn't do it, was that the course is ONLY offered on Sat & Sun, consecutive days. There's no way I can take a course on Sunday. I work for a church, and am busy literally ALL day on Sundays. I asked the guy in Gulfport could he do it on 2 consecutive Saturdays, but was told he could not reserve the range for 2 consecutive weekends.
  19. onlymaroonmatters

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    There appears to be a course in Hattiesburg in April. Not sure where it is. And not sure if I have to take the basic pistol course before this one or if I can just take this course to become certified instructor. I'm finding it a little hard to follow on their website exactly what is required and what I need as far a prerequisites go. I guess I'll just have to call somebody and ask.
  20. onlymaroonmatters

    onlymaroonmatters Eat Sleep Jeep & Guns MSGO Supporter

    And it's only a one day course
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