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Opinions on Thigh / Drop-leg Holsters

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Something Ive noticed since I bought my gun is that there appears to be a resentment towards thigh holsters.

I bought my pistol primarily as a hunting sidearm. My experience with revolvers in belt holsters was that the holster always in the way and i would strike the weapon with my elbow when walking. It was unconfortable and, personally, I couldnt reach the gun easily.

I bought a UTG thigh holster; adjustable with quick connect. After some minor adjustments, it holds the gun firmly and securely and well out of elbow range. Also, the holster does not ride or shift positions when walking and is fairly comfortable to wear. And with a little practice, I have been able to quickly draw the gun and put it on target.

Is it just my imagination or is there some resistance to using drop-leg holsters. Personally, I prefer them to belt-rigs.

Thoughts or comments?
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I got one a while back for backpacking but found that they seem to work best for lightweight plastic guns. Heavier 1911s/double stacks tend to wiggle more when hiking fast or running. These are easier to draw from though. I haven't used one since I bought it in the early '90s.
Beladran, I had the same issue with my Blackhawk dropdown as well in Iraq. Lots of wiggling and quite unstable... But I had PLT members that had some great ones... Dont know the brands :(
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