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Optics now allowed on service rifles in NRA competion

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As of 1 Jan 2011 an M1, M14, M16, or M110 with "...no restriction as to sights" is now considered a Service Rifle under NRA Rule 3.1(f). The same as an iron-sighted M1, M14, M16 or M110.


100+ years competing with eyes down the drain!
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Wow, I figured they would eventually create an optical sight category, never thought they would allow optics to compete against mechanical "open" sights. This is crazy - why would any 'serious' competitor continue to use iron sights now? This is kind of a "dumbing down" of skills, IMO. Much less skill involved in using a telescopic sight! Now I wonder what is going to happen to HP Service rifle scores at Perry. There will be 100s of people tying for the top scores.
OK I have done some research and come up with this:

17.5 Courses of Fire for which National Records Are Recognized -
Note: National High Power Rifle Records are maintained for scores fired over the following courses for "Open”,
"Police", "Service", "Civilian", "Women", "Junior" , “Senior” and "Grand Senior" categories fired on the targets
indicated and for metallic sights only unless specified otherwise. The "Service" category includes Regular Service,
Reserve Components, and National Guard

The course of fire we shoot is 17. (ag) which you can find on this link to the High Power Rulebook.
So optical sights are allowed if the course of fire is for optical sights which our course of fire under 17.5 ag , the basic 50 round NM course, is not
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