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  1. I did a search and didn't find much. I am kicking around getting a 4x scope for the AR and I have been looking at an Osprey. The dealer I have been talking to said they have a GREAT warranty. Some of the "guys" I have been talking to said different. Any input on them? Should I just spend another $100 on a Vortex?
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    Just buy a Vortex.

    I’m no optics guru, but I’d never even heard of Osprey till this weekend when I saw some at the gun show. A quick look around online it looks like most places claim the models they carry are all discontinued.

    I don’t know what Osprey’s warranty is like, but I can guarantee you Vortex’s is better.

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    I don’t even own a Vortex but it is a known commodity. I don’t believe that I have even heard of Osprey.
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    Bought a Osprey Laser Bore Sight a couple years ago. It finally quit, and I sent back for
    repair. They sent me a new one very promptly. Not a scope, but still their product.
    This was just a few months ago..... Anyway that is my experience.

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