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Outlaw Steel Carry Gun Match Saturday, April 22, 2017 at Magnolia Rifle & Pistol Club

Discussion in 'All Things Steel' started by Golfer, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Golfer

    Golfer Distinguished Poster

    Outlaw Steel Carry Gun Match Saturday, April 22 at Magnolia Rifle & Pistol Club in Byram. Since the serious threat of rain kept a lot of people away last month, we are going to do a carry gun match again this month

    Registration is open. If you think you might attend, please register.

    Results of this match will be posted to Practiscore.

    This match will consist of 5 stages with 5 targets per stage, set at 8 to 10 yards. Each stage will be shot 5 times with the total of your 4 best times being your score for that stage. Starting position for each stage will be your loaded gun placed on a barrel with you behind the barrel. One or two stages may require modest movement while on the clock.

    Magnolia Rifle & Pistol Club is a cold range, so insure your carry gun is unloaded and in a case/bag before entering the range. There will not be a place for you to unload your gun once entering the range property. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a Match Disqualification.

    The following divisions will be recognized:
    • Compact Revo - barrel length under 4 inches
    • Compact SemiAuto - barrel length under 4 inches
    • Unlimited - all other guns
    Setup starts at 7AM and Check In/Registration closes at 8AM. Late arrivals will be turned away, no exceptions.

    Please be courteous to your fellow competitors and arrive on time.

    There will be a brief Shooters meeting after registration closes and then the match will start.

    Match Fee
    • $11
    • Juniors $5
    • $6 those assigned to a setup crew
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  2. I'm ready and it looks like the rain isn't coming until the afternoon. !!!
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  3. Golfer

    Golfer Distinguished Poster

    Yep, weather is looking good - turnout not so good ! Surprised more haven't registered
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  4. blkout

    blkout Distinguished Poster

    Will be working (like always) yall have fun.
  5. anichols

    anichols Distinguished Poster

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  6. Golfer

    Golfer Distinguished Poster

    Nice quick match with a lot of help for set up and put away. The good news is we were all done by 11:30 - the bad news is only 19 shooters. Don't know were everybody was this week. Next steel match is Steel Challenge, Saturday, May 13. See y'all then
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  7. Dave

    Dave Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    The weather was good and the match was pretty quick. As always had a good time too.
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  8. Had a great time and gained some knowledge. Thanks to Dave, Leeeroy and everyone else for the pointers. Greatly Appreciated.

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  9. Bwana Six-Gun

    Bwana Six-Gun Distinguished Poster

    Sorry to miss it, but I was out of town for a 5K Fundraiser. This week-end is also Area 6 and there are several folks at that.
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