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OutLaw Steel Match This Sunday At Manolia R & P Club

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125 round minimum
$5.00 entry fee
Set-up starts @7:30
Shooter's meeting 8:45
Match 9:00
5 courses of fire

3 divisions:

Open Centerfire
Limited Centerfire
.22 Rimfire

Dress warm and come shoot. This is the perfect match for a new shooter to try out a really fun sport. There will be a new shooter safety briefing before the match. We always take good care of the new people.
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Roundabout Gas - Brake Gas - Brake II Five to Go Speed Option
Stage1 Stage2 Stage3 Stage4 Stage5 Total Percentage
15.62 9.59 9.60 18.93 9.05 62.79 100.00 Cliff Cargill
17.47 9.75 11.37 19.23 9.99 67.81 92.60 Tommy Cabell
22.85 10.71 8.89 21.86 9.72 74.03 84.82 Matt Moorer
16.83 11.39 12.80 21.19 17.55 79.76 78.72 Mike Pizzolatto
20.98 11.62 12.03 46.79 11.93 103.35 60.75 Scott Womack
26.69 16.29 14.32 28.22 20.64 106.16 59.15 Jim Lowman
35.25 26.32 26.75 38.36 37.46 164.14 38.25 Jinnie Shramek
38.61 19.99 54.12 29.47 24.48 166.67 37.67 Steven Womack
DQ'ed DQ'ed DQ'ed DQ'ed DQ'ed DQ'ed DQ'ed Phillip Womack

Sorry for the long delay in getting the results posted and newsletter written. The State of Emergency declared by Mississippi Governor Barbour Monday due to no water in the Capitol City of Mississippi from the arctic weather and my subsequent discovery of a water leak at home, hampered efforts to get the newsletter out in a timely manner.

Sunday morning, January 10, 2010 started at 17 degrees with a Realfeel of 13 degrees, one thermometer showed as low as 14 degrees when Matt Moorer left home, but even this adverse weather did not deter the hardcore shooting enthiusiasts who braved the elements to make the trip to the Magnolia Rifle and Pistol Club in Byram, Mississippi. Cliff Cargill and Matt Moorer where already there when I arrived at 7 AM, to get the stages setup. First I checked the restrooms and water fountain and thanks to Cliff leaving his personal heater on in the stat shack and the water dripping, no frozen pipes were to be found after nearly 60 + hours below freezing.

By 7:26 AM we had four of the five stages set up and went back in to warm up before completing the final stage. Due to the abrupt unanticipated resignation of the former Match Director, we had to improvise by borrowing a sign from the silhouette program for the front gate announcing that a match was taking place and use sign up sheets and new shooter information sheets from the Team Magnolia program, but we improvised, adapted, and overcame.

Mike Pizzolatta drove 2 hours 25 minutes from Maurepas, LA to shoot, and Jinnie Shramek, a new lady shooter with a lot of talent and determination came out as well as my two Junior Shooters, Steven and Phillip Womack who actually got all there things prepared the night before for the cold weather. Tommy Cabell called to advise he had lost power at his home but would be there as soon as he could get things squared away, and several others shooters had called to say that the weather was a bit harsh as well as a one with cold that didn't need to be out in the weather.

Those who did show up, definitely earned their Polar Bear Shooting patch. The Scouts give these to Scouts who camp in weather less than 32 degrees, I think a Polar Bear Patch is in order for all those who attended this match! I will have them ready to hand out at the next match!

The final match results for Centerfire Limited were Cliff Cargill, Tommy Cabell, Matt Moorer, Mike Pizzolatto, Scott Womack, Jim Lowman. Jinnie Shramek took the Lady Division and Steven Womack won the .22 Rimfire Division. Phillip Womack was doing great until he was reholstering his unloaded gun and missed the holster before the Range Is Clear command was given which led to a trip to DQ land, which is his favorite fast food joint. Besides, he really wanted to break ice out of the mud holes with a sledge hamme! Overall a great match with a great group of shooters with less than ideal weather conditions.

There will be a short meeting and discussion concerning the new direction and future of the Steel and ICORE program at Magnolia Rifle and Pistol Club, AFTER the IPSC meeting on Saturday, January 16, 2010 which begins at 6:30 PM at the LoneStar in Pearl, MS near the Bass Pro Shop. Those interested in the programs should stay for a brief discussion. Anyone with ideas, suggestions, or constructive criticism should be prepared. There is no "I" in Team and "WE" will plan to work together to promote both the Steel and ICORE programs.

Scott Womack
601 573 2006
[email protected]
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