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OutLaw Steel Match This Sunday, Sept. 12th At The Magnolia Rifle & Pistol Club...

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OK... that time again!!!


Set-up will begin promptly by 7:30 AM. We need you to be there by 7 AM. ALL in-town shooters are expected to be there for set-up, as we will have the shooter's meeting by 8:45 AM, so the match can start at 9:00 AM. Late entrants will not be accepted without prior approval.

All shooters are expected to help in tear-down. You MUST check with the match directors if you need to leave for an emergency. We need everyone's help to make this program succeed, and will accept no less.

Just about everyone has been great on set-up the last couple of months. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: Let's keep it going. We dont want to beat anyone up over the work issue, but please be kind to your fellow shooters. If everyone does a little, nobody has to do a lot. So, come have some fun!

4 stages

100 rounds (bring more just in case)

$5.00 Entry

Limited Centerfire

Open Centerfire

.22 Rimfire Iron Sights

.22 Rimfire Open Sights

Come shoot with us! Perfect match for new shooters.

Have questions? By all means, light this thread up!
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I won't be there. Tryin' to sell my house! Too much to do. Maybe next month! Have fun!!!!!!
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