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A friend of mine thinks I know what I’m doing (silly boy). He asked me to help him disassemble, clean, and reassemble some of his handguns.

In an effort to not disabuse him of his assessment of my capabilities I agreed (foolish me).

So, in a more or less casual way I said, “You do have the owner’s manuals for all these guns.”




Hmmm, that creates a bit of a problem. So I find myself here with my hand out, looking for some help (and trying to salvage my reputation).

The pistols for which I need disassembly-reassembly instructions are (this quotes him):
Beretta 9mm Mod 92F Compact
Browning .22 Buckmark
Hi Standard .22 Dura-Matic

If you have an Owner’s Manual for any of these and you have a scanner and you wouldn’t mind bailing me out, I’d appreciate your scanning the pertinent info and emailing it to me.

I would really appreciate any help you can give me.

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nonnieselman beat me to it. LOL.

Beretta Owner's Manuals appear to be available here:

Browning Buckmark is here:
or here:

Hi Standard is a little tougher. There is a 4 page "manual" in the list here (along with the Beretta, Buckmark, and many others), and that may be all there is. It is very basic and only shows removal of the barrel:

Hope that helps.

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A sticky here on the board ..

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