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Anyone ever had a P238 Sig?
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They are nice little pistols! If you remember the Colt Mustang that's basically what a 238 with a few SIGish tweaks. Some Mustang mags will work in the little SIG.
DBChaffin said:
I've got one. It had to go back to Sig because it wouldn't extract properly out of the box. Feeding however has been flawless. Sig paid shipping both ways and had it back within a week to 10 days. It's a shame it wasn't right from the get go, though. Trigger is a little over 5lbs but reasonably crisp. I personally prefer it to the small double action .380's out there.

I always liked the Mustang but figured I would get one of these instead because of parts availability, if needed, and much better sights. The night sights on mine, unlike most pocket .380's, are very nice and usable. It is still a .380 though. I haven't carried it and have been thinking about selling it because it just sits in the safe. It is too bad .380 ammo costs so much. I have the setup to reload it but haven't loaded more than a few hundred I think.
380 ammo has started to come down. I've seen the ammo priced at normal prices $14 dollars for a box of FMJ American Eagle. I've also seen more of the CorBon Power Ball, and Hornady Critical Defense ammo available too.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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