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Pellet Rifle

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Wdhat's a good pellet rifle. I saw one in an NRA mag, looked like it had a silencer, I quess that's legal. Some of them things are getting some speed to rival .22's. Would not like CO2 but then I don't want to be there pumping the gun up, drawing attention from people ands squirrels. Try to keep it around 150 and don't want a used one.
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There is another thread in the MS-G-O forums, “Air Rifle Suggestions”. See at:

In that cited thread, I wrote (5/2/10)
I have a scoped Gamo Big Cat, with which I wage war on local varmints of one kind or another. Bought it from Sportsman’s Guide, I think. It’s very satisfactory and really snaps the pellet down range...a much sharper crack than you’d expect.

It’s my opinion that the secret (big secret!!) to successful air gun usage are the pellets you use. Stay away from the garden variety lead .177 pellets and look toward Gamo PBA Raptor or Armor .177 cal. pellets. Gamo says 1200fps with those PBA’s.

As an aside, I have a pair of CO2 pellet pistols that I use in the shop in lieu of dry fire practice. It’s more fun that way.
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