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Pellet Rifle

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Wdhat's a good pellet rifle. I saw one in an NRA mag, looked like it had a silencer, I quess that's legal. Some of them things are getting some speed to rival .22's. Would not like CO2 but then I don't want to be there pumping the gun up, drawing attention from people ands squirrels. Try to keep it around 150 and don't want a used one.
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Here are some links for you...

There are a lot out there that only require a single "pump" to give them full power; either a break barrel,side lever or under lever type. For a lot more money there are pre-charged pneumatic's that have a tank that you fill with a hand pump or scuba tank. Those will give you around 30 full power shots.
For more knock-down power (but less fps) you can go with the .22 cal models.
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