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Hello everyone. I have a question about my MS Firearms Permit. I got my permit about a year ago, but a few months ago I moved. I went online to the Highway Patrol website and it said that I would need to notify them in writing that I had moved and provide them with my new address. I did this and also got a new drivers license with my new address. However my permit still has my old address on it. I know it is still valid because I had a friend of mine run my license and permit and they both show “valid firearm permit” on the database. However, if I for any reason had to show my permit to law enforcement would it be an issue since my permit still has my old address on it? I sent my letter to the Highway Patrol several months ago but they did not send me a new permit, just noted the change in the database. Thanks for any information. God bless.


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From the state web site:

What do I do if my address changes?

Within thirty (30) days after the changing of a permanent address, you must notify the Department of Public Safety in writing. The change of address should be mailed to the Firearm Permit Unit, P.O. Box 958, Jackson, MS 39205-0958. Be sure to include in your correspondence your name, permit number, old and new addresses, and a contact number in case of questions.
As others have said, I would call them or email them. I have found them to be pretty accommodating:

M/Sgt. Eugene Williams, Jr.- Director
[email protected]

Shelia Thames, Chief Criminal Records Clerk
Belinda Sykes, Criminal Records Technician
Arnisha Meeks, Criminal Records Technician
Idell Nelson, Administrative Assistant

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I can assure you that if you get stopped for any reason and they run your MS DL...the dispatcher will tell the officer that you have a valid MS firearms permit.

when I did my chase down on the hit and run, the officer ran my plates and DL as well and It came back that that I had a permit.

Officer said He liked permit holders..

Look at your permit...most of the time the number on it will match your DL , unless you happen to still be one of those folks that have your SSN on your DL

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