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personal use knives

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This is my collection of knives I made for my use. I did not have the second one from the top very long, someone wanted it more than me. :D The top one is my competition knife. check out www.bladesports.org for more info on the competitions. Once again I like answering questions
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Interesting blade design for a competition knife. I know some competitors like Ed shemp and Steve Schwarzer. Do you think that blade will hold up to small trees like it does rope. If so how much would you charge to build one?
I am in Smithdale, Ms. I am a student of Bram Frank, he is a philipino/modern knife instructor out of tampa florida. I started training with one of his first students in college and now I travel to tampa to train with him. I know more about using a knife them about making them. I can go train with John davis or shemp or schwarzer, but I dont have the time. They are a little far away. I would like to meet up sometime, when my life gets alittle less busy.
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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