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personal use knives

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This is my collection of knives I made for my use. I did not have the second one from the top very long, someone wanted it more than me. :D The top one is my competition knife. check out www.bladesports.org for more info on the competitions. Once again I like answering questions
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more explaining

The bottom two knives are my EDC knives. Second from bottom is on my belt and the bottom one is in my pocket. The middle knife is my hunting knife that I made at the end of deer season this year after I cleaned a deer with my work knife and realized that I did not have a hunting knife out of CPM-M4 and well I had to fix that. I did not harvest any more deer this year but did use it on another guys deer for testing purposes, worked pretty good.
Thanks for the plug, Hammer. ;)
comp knife. specs

The competition knife specs are:
10" Blade
15" OAL
2" wide
The steel is CPM-M4 @ 60-62 Hrc
Trees are no match for this knife. I cut two 2X4s, a 1", 1.5", and 2" rope, a 3/4" hardwood dowel and an assortment of things at every cut. After every cut the knife will still slice newspaper and shave hair.
As far as prices I have not sold a competition knife yet. Prices will depend on steel (CPM-M4 or 5160) and whether or not you special order one or buy one that I have retired from competition. For example a new 5160 will run about $350. A new M4 will run about $600. The price difference is because of cost of steel and difficulty of working (sawing, grinding, and finishing). Used knife will depend on knife cannot quote prices on these. Also, keep in mind that the comp. knives I use start at 3/8" thickness. Alot of guys use 5/16" material. The ones I have to sell that are used are mostly 5/16", just recently started using the 3/8".
Hunter size knives are $150.
Caper sizes are $100-125.
Field knife (2nd from top in pic) in M4 will run $375, less in 5160.
All prices are include G-10 or rubber handles. Special requests or additions will affect price.
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Rbelote said:
Interesting blade design for a competition knife. I know some competitors like Ed shemp and Steve Schwarzer. Do you think that blade will hold up to small trees like it does rope. If so how much would you charge to build one?
Rbelote where are you from? Didn't see it in your profile. Always ready to talk blades. Reason I'm asking if you are close and interested we can set up to let you try out a comp. knife. Or at least a demo.
Sounds good just let me know.
I have pics of a lot of the knives I have built on my Flickr page, link in signature line. As Hammer stated I will have several for sale next weekend at the gun show. What size range are you interested in. And what will be the primary use of it so I can recommend a steel.

Your Dad told me some about what you do. Very interesting process to say the least.

Thanks for the interest.
What do you currently use to sharpen with?
Sounds cool, one of my m4 blades may mess up there day. LOL
I highly recommend diamonds. As far as convenience, I have several of the DMT dua-folds, red and blue, small and light and last forever.
I presently have one arc hunter. It is 154cm, and black and tan g-10 handles. It would be a good skinning knife. I have a couple of m4 knives that will be for sale at the show next weekend. One has a 4" blade the other has a 3.5" blade. Both are g-10
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