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personal use knives

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This is my collection of knives I made for my use. I did not have the second one from the top very long, someone wanted it more than me. :D The top one is my competition knife. check out www.bladesports.org for more info on the competitions. Once again I like answering questions
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What do you currently use to sharpen with?
Over here i pay a guy to sharpen on wet stone. At home i have a smith's sharpening system and finish up on filament that comes out of the big street lights.....I know that may sound crazy but it works great. Im open to any suggestion you may have......I need to find me something convenient to bring here with me. You would get a kick out of how they sharpen knives here, i'll try to get you a few pics of guy on the street doing it.
They guys over here that sharpen knives go door to door with a little stand on their backs, looks like a shoe shine stool with rock on the end of it, theypark outside the resturant doors and get to work. I'll see if i can get a pic tomorrow when im out and about and send to you, really neat to see.
Sounds cool, one of my m4 blades may mess up there day. LOL
I highly recommend diamonds. As far as convenience, I have several of the DMT dua-folds, red and blue, small and light and last forever.
We need to get togather when i get home, im thinking i may have a break sometime in october, not sure when though. It is a possible that im here until january, i never know??? I spent 332 days over here last year and we're busier this year than last so i may be sending dad to see you for my knife. I'll talk with him a little later. I'll get him to bring the knife i currently use to skin with, i like the way it feels in my hand and the size, if you can try to get close to that with one of your knives, i would appreciate it very much! That should give you an idea of what im looking for.
The arc handle hunter knife.....do you have one of those built? IF so how much $$$$$$$
I also would like the M4 steel, isnt it the best?
Went by BigD's when we were camping over in Morton. Spent over an hour going through what I wanted and him making suggestions that I would like. Gave me the tour of his shop and showed me the process. Came just like he drew it up. Looks a lot like the second knife down. Price was right for the worksmanship. Highly recommend. First Rate customer service.
Mine's in M4, highly recommend it, ain't run into anything it wasn't a match for.
I will have a couple of his knives just as quick as i can get my butt back in america! I think i only live twenty mins from him.
I presently have one arc hunter. It is 154cm, and black and tan g-10 handles. It would be a good skinning knife. I have a couple of m4 knives that will be for sale at the show next weekend. One has a 4" blade the other has a 3.5" blade. Both are g-10
no price? I can get dad to call you if you would like for me to??
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