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Philippine Armscor

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Saw today Armscor brass that was listed as "PH". When I looked it up the only thing I found was that it was made in the Philippines. Anyone know anything about it? I didn't get any because I just wasn't sure.
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Yes, it is made in the PI. Has been since the end of WWII. They make decent inexpensive ammo, but not premium quality. Good for general plinking and target shooting. I've used it occasionally for several years, and no problems.
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I use it with no issues so far. IMO most brass is just brass unless you're loading self defense rounds, shooting benchrest, hanging out in bear territory, or going on a paid hunt with a chance at a record. Any brass can fail. Most potential failures can be spotted after cleaning cases and looking at your finished round. Buddy of mine missed out on a nice 6x7 elk in New Mexico because of an upside down primer.
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Have shot a little of it with no problems .
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