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Picked out 3 M1's at Camp Perry

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Just got back from Camp Perry. The CMP Store had Rack and Field grade M1's. I managed to find 3 rifles with #2 on the muzzle wear gauge and 4 on the Throat gauge. All the rifles checked OK for head space. The problem on the muzzle wear is obviously cleaning rod damage as most of the barrels measured 5 and under in throat wear. Some of the rifles ate the muzzle guage and had side to side slop in the bore.

The rifle I picked was a 1954 Springfield with original barrel and properly marked stock. The bolt is an HRA as well as the trigger group. The sights work perfectly. I am satisfied with the purchase of a Field grade M1 for $495.00.

I will have to repair the lower handguard and refinish the upper handguard. The parkerizing is VG+ except for the gas cylinder and it is white. The trigger is about 4-5 pounds and crisp.

Can't wait to test it for accuracy and function.

Doug Bowser
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Everytime im out that way I say im going to go the CMP but I always have something that tells me just wait till next time and then when the next time comes it says it again so definately next time I head that way I am stopping by and making a few purchases.
Oh and Doug I want to see those Garands because I bought three from SOG and I just would like to see what yours looked like we got ours for 495 also.
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