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Picked out 3 M1's at Camp Perry

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Just got back from Camp Perry. The CMP Store had Rack and Field grade M1's. I managed to find 3 rifles with #2 on the muzzle wear gauge and 4 on the Throat gauge. All the rifles checked OK for head space. The problem on the muzzle wear is obviously cleaning rod damage as most of the barrels measured 5 and under in throat wear. Some of the rifles ate the muzzle guage and had side to side slop in the bore.

The rifle I picked was a 1954 Springfield with original barrel and properly marked stock. The bolt is an HRA as well as the trigger group. The sights work perfectly. I am satisfied with the purchase of a Field grade M1 for $495.00.

I will have to repair the lower handguard and refinish the upper handguard. The parkerizing is VG+ except for the gas cylinder and it is white. The trigger is about 4-5 pounds and crisp.

Can't wait to test it for accuracy and function.

Doug Bowser
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msredneck said:
Wish we could have taught those G.I's to clean from the chamber forward....guess that was not possible with the M1 unless you stripped it...kind of a shame...

before and after pics Doug...you know the drill

It's not possible to clean it from the chamber forward with it stripped either. Three things killed these barrels: corrosive ammo that had to be cleaned out after every shooting session, drill instructors that made soldiers incessantly scrub the bores, and the issued four section cleaning rod banging its way down the bore. I saw a postage stamp IHC with an LMR barrel at the gunshow last weekend. The muzzle had been counterbored and sleeved! The owner said that was to improve accuracy and in an ironic way it was. He was of the mind it was to improve accuracy over a good barrel, when it was to improve accuracy of a bad barrel.
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