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Picking Out First Press

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I've been saving for my first reloading press and want some opinions. On one hand I'm thinking about buying a nice single stage press just to learn on. On the other hand I'm thinking about buying a progressive because just knowing me I'll probably wind up with one later anyway. I know some of you guys have both and eventually I'll probably end up with both also but I'm actually leaning towards buying a Hornady Lock and load to learn on. I've watched some online videos and having almost everything I need at one station seems nice. Am I over looking something obvious or should I buy the single stage first.
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I've got the Hornady LNL progressive and it is great for handgun and 223. I started with a progressive because I got a good deal on it and knew I'd end up with it later anyway. I used it like a turret press while I was learning and worked my up to using it full-on progressive. You really have to watch what you're doing. Don't do like those guys on Youtube who crank out 150 rds per minute.

I just picked up a single stage Lee not too long ago for loading 30-06 and 270. Plus its easier for working up recipes for all calibers.

If I hadn't run across the deal on the progressive, I would have started single-stage.
The Hornady manual says it will go from a 25auto thru 45-70. Midway lists a shell plate for 308/30-06 so it would handle 308. Dang, now I've got to get something that shoots 308!
I'd add, that at my skill level, a single stage would be my choice for accuracy in rifles.

For pistols, the ammo I'm loading for my pistols is more accurate than winchester white box and it costs less in the long run. Now, if you try to use the cost of reloading as a business justification, that can get tricky.

I view it as a hobby that has material benefits!
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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