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Picking Out First Press

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I've been saving for my first reloading press and want some opinions. On one hand I'm thinking about buying a nice single stage press just to learn on. On the other hand I'm thinking about buying a progressive because just knowing me I'll probably wind up with one later anyway. I know some of you guys have both and eventually I'll probably end up with both also but I'm actually leaning towards buying a Hornady Lock and load to learn on. I've watched some online videos and having almost everything I need at one station seems nice. Am I over looking something obvious or should I buy the single stage first.
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In a Progressive for pistol the Dillon Square Deal is hard to beat. I have been using one since 1984. The only trouble is, changing calibers is not easy.

I would NEVER use a turret press or progressive for reloading rifle ammunition for F Class. I do not believe the ammo from a progressive or turret press is as straight as ammo loaded in a single stage press. Therefore the rifle ammo will usually not be as accurate.

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