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pics of reloading rooms-

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i have seen a few pics on here and would like to see some more as i will be moving soon and will be starting one from scratch. Here is a pic of what i have now, sadly my next one will not be as spacious but my wife will be a bunch happier in the new house. So lets see those reloading room pics.

here is my current one:

and before anyone ask my press mounting plate is a skid plate off a 1974 bronco.......it works great, just the right height.
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i will be moving into my parents house here in Marks. they have kept their home here but have had one in Oxford for about 5 years and have gotten over keeping up two houses. BUT mom is still sentimental about her house in Marks so I am buying It and as dad said "crap now i owe you one". I will be turning one of the extra bedrooms into my hunting and reloading room so i will be able to start from scratch.
i keep waiting for the upper cabinets to fall off the walls. everyone of them is packed full of bullets, powder, and primers. plus cases of shotgun shells. The fire dept here in town know if that end of my house is on fire to back up and watch the show.
i like that setup Slabsides- where did you get the tracks? i like that idea. and the gunrack integrated into the reloading bench as well. I was thinking about doing that in the corner of the room instead of putting a corner cabinet in just build an area for some of my long guns to go on.
where would i go about finding the tracks? Lowes or home depot maybe please point me in right direction as i like this idea.
mike- thanks for the site info. There are some great looking setups there. the username rembrant has really got a great reloading rooms, i will definately be using some of the ideas that i saw on there.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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