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  1. frodo

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    in the freezer section of your local food store
    round chocolate chip ice cream cookie/sandwich. buy a box
    buy a gram cracker crust
    buy a jar of caramel ice cream topping

    it is best to do this when you get home from e store, the ice cram is soft not frozen completly,

    place the ice cream sammich in the crust, smash them into the round shape
    pour the caramel over the top and freeze

    add a dollup if you wish of whip cream and eat
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  2. patchz

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    I see you've moved on from the lemon icebox pie. :lol1:
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  3. frodo

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    nope. just expanding my options
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  4. rc

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    Hinds Co
    just reading this made my sugar level go up !!
  5. para40

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    Lamar Co.
    Thumbs up!

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  6. patchz

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    It's good to have options.
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  7. Twang

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    It's also good to have pie.
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  8. Mesquite

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    Yeah, that one definitely does work:D:help:cause it's a pie per person kinda recipe( Not that they all aren't :lol6:).
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  9. patchz

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    Lately, I wouldn't know. :(
  10. mascott

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    I can make a bomb out of a roll of toilet paper and a stick of dynamite.
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