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Pigs gettin' closer

Discussion in 'North Mississippi' started by GunnyGene, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Enterprise65

    Enterprise65 Heavily caffeinated.

    DON'T DO THAT AT OR NEAR A WAL-MART! You will start a stampede.
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  2. bubbat

    bubbat Gate Keeper to my corner of Hell

    The hogs have been tearing my sister's yard up for the past month in Whynot. BIL has killed a few but not nearly enough.

  3. phillipd

    phillipd Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Co worker saw a dead one on the side of hwy 82 between Eupora and Starkville yesterday morning. Said it was big as a good size dog. She's a country girl and drives slow. I believe her. None that I know of yet around Northern Lowndes County, but they are coming
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  4. oldwelder

    oldwelder Distinguished Poster

    We have them up here in North East Ms, and have for serval years, I saw a dead one on Hwy 72 at the Alcorn and Tishomingo county line about two weeks ago hit by a car or truck, when I see one while I am hunting or have a rifle with me I try to kill them if I can, they will tear up a green field over night.