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Pigs gettin' closer

Discussion in 'North Mississippi' started by GunnyGene, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Enterprise65

    Enterprise65 Heavily caffeinated.

    DON'T DO THAT AT OR NEAR A WAL-MART! You will start a stampede.
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  2. bubbat

    bubbat Gatekeeper to my corner of Hell.

    The hogs have been tearing my sister's yard up for the past month in Whynot. BIL has killed a few but not nearly enough.

  3. phillipd

    phillipd Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Co worker saw a dead one on the side of hwy 82 between Eupora and Starkville yesterday morning. Said it was big as a good size dog. She's a country girl and drives slow. I believe her. None that I know of yet around Northern Lowndes County, but they are coming
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  4. oldwelder

    oldwelder Distinguished Poster

    We have them up here in North East Ms, and have for serval years, I saw a dead one on Hwy 72 at the Alcorn and Tishomingo county line about two weeks ago hit by a car or truck, when I see one while I am hunting or have a rifle with me I try to kill them if I can, they will tear up a green field over night.
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  5. Rodekill

    Rodekill Full Poster

    You got that one in the ten ring
  6. Jarhead5811

    Jarhead5811 Rational Anarchist MSGO Supporter

    I’ve heard of them being killed near our place but have yet to see any sign, myself.
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  7. slabsides45

    slabsides45 Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Old thread, but I read today that there's a House bill being presented which would give hunting dog owners the right to come onto private property (without permission) IF their dogs were released on adjacent public hunting land. So now you'd get to deal with the dog, then the owner coming on your place, and nothing legally could be done....
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  8. Blondie70

    Blondie70 Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    That will never make it into law. Stupid.
  9. GunnyGene

    GunnyGene Distinguished Poster

    That used to be, and maybe still is, legal in England for fox hunts.
  10. Scharfschütze

    Scharfschütze Waffennarr

    I found skat on the back property, back in the woods, that looked man-size. Not from our dogs-WAY too big- and unless we have a homeless person living in the woods 1/2 mile or more from the nearest road, the hogs are here in central Walthall. I'll start carrying a Swede instead of the M4gery when I do my walk about, I guess. 6.5x55 hits a bit harder than the 5.56mm. And the 1911. Dogs have been cutting up a lot lately but off where I can't see them; at 0300 on a work day I'm just not that inclined to suiting up and wandering around in the darkness only to find it's a possum or 'coon. Now if I start getting visuals on a hog I will change that and call in "I'm running late" the next morning. ;)
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  11. Jarhead5811

    Jarhead5811 Rational Anarchist MSGO Supporter

    I hope you’re right.
  12. GunnyGene

    GunnyGene Distinguished Poster

    Here's the Bill: HB 169 (As Introduced) - 2018 Regular Session