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Pine Belt will reopen 3 Feb.

Discussion in 'PineBelt Rifle and Pistol Club' started by Swartzgewehr, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Swartzgewehr

    Swartzgewehr Full Poster

    The Pine Belt Rifle & Pistol club will reopen on 3 Feb. The range is located at 731 Graves Rd. Ellisville, MS 39437. Annual dues are $70, please send payment to Edward Myrick 1519 Cedar Lane Drive Laurel MS 39440. Be sure to include member name, address, phone number and e-mail.
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  2. Col Williamson

    Col Williamson Active Member

    I' interested in joining do you guys have any monthly nra high power matches
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  3. Swartzgewehr

    Swartzgewehr Full Poster

    Not anymore, high power died there several years ago from lack of shooters. BUT, we still have a few frames and targets, if interested we can schedule a practice match. Reduced targets at 200 yards.
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