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Hey I know a good many of y'all have built some carbines that shoot pistol calibers. Here is your chance to actually put em to the test!

We have gotten PCC approved for use in our Steel Challenge competitions!
USPSA and 3Gun matches to follow. We will have rifle/carbine/22 rifle only matches in multigun, but that's a different story.

I wanted to post a link to the thread and the registration form in the likely event that many readers in this subforum don't venture over to the competition forums.
the thread is here
the registration form is here

Steel Challenge is a great (probably the best) introduction into practical competition. It is a great time learning the fundamentals and spending time with your shooting buddies.

No running around, no reloads on the clock, only 5 shots at a time. 125 shots total. I would bring about 200 to be safe, unless you are really accurate.

This is our anniversary match, and we will be having a cook out afterwards too.
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