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Plum Crazy Lowers

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Just checking in to see how many of yall are shooting the Plum Crazy Lowers?

I have 2 of them on my sons 2 ARS and we both love them for the money , heck i am ordering another tue. for $129 complete they hard to bet with a lifetime warranty.
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I have been ordering mine from New Frontier in Las Vegas they have a web site its like $144 shipped to my ffl.
The guys at NFA are local to me and enjoy a great reputation. They are great people who I shoot with on a regular basis and they support the local shooting community.

While the AR-15 lower receiver isn't generally considered to be the high wear item, I saw the weak side of the Plum Crazy lowers first hand. A local SOT built one into a post sample full auto. A couple of mags into the maiden test fire, a Wolf Polymer case stuck tight in the chamber. The shooter used the "butt slam" method to try and remove the stuck case and the plastic buffer threads stripped right out.

I wouldn't have a problem with one of these lowers and they are becoming very popular here in town. The complete guns are extremely light weight and that's a big attraction. Just be mindful that you have with a plastic lower, ahhh make that high strength space age polymer, and don't butt slam them to clear a stuck case. Due to the straight blow back design of 9mm AR uppers, the hammer pin axis hole is prone to wear, (egging), so the Plum Crazy may not be an ideal candidate for 9mm.

My two cents on the subject, and worth exactly what you paid for it.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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