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Discussion in 'Mississippi Concealed Carry' started by GunnyGene, Feb 9, 2018.

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    Nice day today, 65deg. partly cloudy, so headed out back to burn some 9mm WWB w/SR9E. Had my 2 mag pouch and IWB holster on under T-shirt, which is how I normally carry. 51 rounds from about 20ft. Killed that piece of printer paper bigly. ;)

    Practice routine: Not trying to be quick draw McGraw, just concentrating on smooth and steady.

    Holstered with first round chambered. Safety off while holstered. Draw, shoot 1, safety on, reholster, safety off. Repeat 17 times. . Reload and do it again.

    Stance: Isosceles, both eyes open, standard 2 hand grip.

    Problem: Tended to shoot slightly left - me, not the gun and a few wild shots from losing concentration. Got to work on that some more.


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    Gunny, if you are aiming or shooting for center mass, some fool is going to be in a world of hurt, or no longer hurting at all. I, sir, would not want you pissed off at me. Keep at it!
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  3. GunnyGene

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    Plan to. Some of those holes were double taps from the last mag.

    Probably change it up some also. One handed, from the hip, sitting, etc. As close to that "real life" stuff as I can get without building a shoot house, and parking an old junk car in the backyard (wife wouldn't like that), and I wouldn't like competing with the wasps that would take up residence in it. ;)

    PS: I do like that Pachmayr grip glove I put on the pistol a couple months ago. First time I've gotten serious using it.
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    Used to practice that using B-27 silhouette targets, double tap to center mass and the head on two different targets. Start out slow and increase speed as you feel comfortable.
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