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Polishing media for corroded parts

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I've got a couple of older guns that I'm working on. They are starting to show signs of corrosion on the bolts. These parts look to be stainless or have been plated with some sort of chrome. I'd like to use a dremel tool and some sort of polishing media to buff this corrosion out and restore these parts to there original shine. Is there any polishing media that you'd recommend for this job? I'd also like to buy it locally if possible.
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For small parts, I put them in a brass tumbler with corncob overnight. If they are really corroded, I'll use black garnet sand in the tumbler first to clean them, then switch to cob. This is the method I used for the nuts and bolts on old Triumph motorcycles since they were hard to find new.

If you are trying to do it without taking it apart, Mother's mag wheel paste cleaner in the little can works great. (Walmart, Autozone, O'Rellys). You can use it with a microfiber towel by hand

Lowes or Home Depot usually stock the dremel felt wheels and polishing compound if you want to go that route.
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