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Morning, guys. I was wondering if some of you might help with a problem I'm having or least point me to a Glock Armourer in the Jackson area.

Here's the deal. A friend bought a Polymer 80 G19 kit and couldn't get the slide to fit. I'm a little handy but no gunsmith so I've been playing around with it and got the slide to fit and the gun actually appears to dry fire fine.

The problem is when trying to feed a round off a mag it won't load because the striker is sticking out blocking its entry up onto the feed ramp. In retrospect, I realize trying to load a live round was incredibly stupid and I will use snap caps in the future.

I have disassembled the slide multiple times and it all appears to function correctly off the frame. The striker moves freely and the trigger safety button appears to work.

When the slide is coupled to the frame something keeps the striker pushed out and it is stuck there.

Any suggestions or recommendations as to who around here may be able to help?


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