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Sorry -- that is a new one for me??

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If you are in the market for a new press and need volume for pistol...especially like that needed for competition shooting...buy Blue and be done with it...Yes I have Lee stuff...the reason I don't have Blue is lack of a proper reloading area and crummy environmentals...(blazing hot in summer...cold in winter)...One day I hope to correct this situation

For my next rifle press I'm thinking hard about an arbor press from Sinclair International


and some LE Wison dies...good stuff.


great neck sizing dies and bullet seaters....benchrest quality

The presses are small...can be put in a range box for load development at the range and LE Wilson dies are primo quality

Rbelote...you need to set that 1050 up and use it bro...or sell it to me...I'd buy a portable building to put that mutha in....
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