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Poplarville 3gun

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Copied from Buzzworm's post on BayouShooter.com

Hey folks. Poplarville 3gun will have a practice match this Saturday, Sept. 25.
We will start around 9:30-10:00

I plan to set up 2 stages, and could use some help with the others. So, if you ever wanted to do a stage, now is the time. We have a bunch of stands in "the gulley" if someone wants to set one up there.

Also, anyone that has Gordo's/Hicap's/Gocoastal's number, or any of our other regulars that may be interested, please give them a heads up.

Sorry for the late notice. Hope to see ya there.
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Fclass, my buddys wedding and now this all in the same day!!
Need more than 24hours in a day i guess..
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